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CPTAC Pathways

Welcome to the CPTAC Pathway Portal

This portal highlights pathway content relevant to the Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium (CPTAC).

The National Cancer Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, announced the launch of a Clinical Proteomic Tumor Analysis Consortium in August 2011. CPTAC is a comprehensive and coordinated effort to accelerate the understanding of the molecular basis of cancer through the application of robust, quantitative, proteomic technologies and workflows. The overarching goal of CPTAC is to improve our ability to diagnose, treat and prevent cancer. To achieve this goal in a scientifically rigorous manner, the NCI launched CPTAC to systematically identify proteins that derive from alterations in cancer genomes and related biological processes, and provide this data with accompanying assays and protocols to the public.



Cancer Hallmark Categories

Sustaining proliferative signaling MAPK Signaling Pathway (Homo sapiens)
MAPK Signaling Pathway
Evading growth suppressors Tumor suppressor activity of SMARCB1 (Homo sapiens)
Tumor suppressor activity of SMARCB1
Activating invasion and metastasis Integrin-mediated Cell Adhesion (Homo sapiens)
Integrin-mediated Cell Adhesion
Enabling replicative immortality Wnt Signaling Pathway (Homo sapiens)
Wnt Signaling Pathway
Inducing angiogenesis PDGF Pathway (Homo sapiens)
PDGF Pathway
Resisting cell death Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) Signaling (Homo sapiens)
Target Of Rapamycin (TOR) Signaling
Deregulating cellular energetics Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis (Homo sapiens)
Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis
Genome instability and mutation Methylation Pathways (Homo sapiens)
Methylation Pathways
Tumor promoting inflammation Cytokines and Inflammatory Response (Homo sapiens)
Cytokines and Inflammatory Response
Avoiding immune destruction Type II interferon signaling (IFNG) (Homo sapiens)
Type II interferon signaling (IFNG)
Therapeutics Photodynamic therapy-induced NF-kB survival signaling (Homo sapiens)
Photodynamic therapy-induced NF-kB survival signaling


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On this page you see rotating displays of hallmark and featured pathways. Where did these pathways come from? They came from people like you! The CPTAC set of pathways can be edited, fixed and added to using the pathway drawing and annotation tools here at WikiPathways.

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