H19 action Rb-E2F1 signaling and CDK-Beta-catenin activity (Homo sapiens)

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CRC growth G1-S transition CTNNB1 CDK4 CCND1 macroH2A H19 E2F1 CDK8 CDK8 MED1 CSRP2 JAG1 SOX4 CDH1 TULP3 PMAIP1 P RB1 CRC migration E2F1 RB1 Name: H19 action Rb-E2F1 signaling and CDK-Beta-catenin activity Organism: Homo sapiens


In this proposed model, H19 interacts with macroH2A, and this may consequently lead to de-repression of genes including CDK8, CDK4, and CCND1. Increased CDK4-cyclin D1 complex phosphorylates Rb to disrupt Rb-E2F1 interaction, leading to E2F1 activation. The increase of CDK8 expression enhances the function of mediator complex including MED1, and facilitates the gene regulation by β-catenin. These downstream targets could work in a synergistic way of promoting cell proliferation and increasing cell motility in CRC. Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5264449/

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  1. Ohtsuka M, Ling H, Ivan C, Pichler M, Matsushita D, Goblirsch M, Stiegelbauer V, Shigeyasu K, Zhang X, Chen M, Vidhu F, Bartholomeusz GA, Toiyama Y, Kusunoki M, Doki Y, Mori M, Song S, Gunther JR, Krishnan S, Slaby O, Goel A, Ajani JA, Radovich M, Calin GA; ''H19 Noncoding RNA, an Independent Prognostic Factor, Regulates Essential Rb-E2F and CDK8-β-Catenin Signaling in Colorectal Cancer.''; EBioMedicine, 2016 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CCND1GeneProductENSG00000110092 (Ensembl)
CDH1GeneProductENSG00000039068 (Ensembl)
CDK4GeneProductENSG00000135446 (Ensembl)
CDK8GeneProductENSG00000132964 (Ensembl)
CSRP2GeneProductENSG00000175183 (Ensembl)
CTNNB1GeneProductENSG00000168036 (Ensembl)
E2F1GeneProductENSG00000101412 (Ensembl)
G1-S transitionPathwayWP45 (WikiPathways)
H19RnaENSG00000130600 (Ensembl)
JAG1GeneProductENSG00000101384 (Ensembl)
MED1GeneProductENSG00000125686 (Ensembl)
PMAIP1GeneProductENSG00000141682 (Ensembl)
RB1GeneProductENSG00000139687 (Ensembl)
SOX4GeneProductENSG00000124766 (Ensembl)
TULP3GeneProductENSG00000078246 (Ensembl)
macroH2AGeneProductENSG00000113648 (Ensembl)

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