TCA Cycle and Invasiveness of Ovarian Cancer (Homo sapiens)

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Tyrosine phosphorylation pathway Complex I NADH-Ubiquinone Complex II Succinate-Ubiquinone Low-invasive Ovarian Cancer Cancer stage Legend Tyr-P STAT3 Lactate JAK1 D-Glutamine Pyruvate Glucose EGFR TCA Cycle ERK1 ERK2 Glucose Ser-P STAT3 Glucose EGFR JAK1 Tyr-P STAT3 High-invasive Ovarian Cancer Serine phosphorylation pathway Metabolix flux Name: TCA Cycle Nutrient Utilization and Invasiveness of Ovarian Cancer Organism: Homo sapiens


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  1. Yang L, Moss T, Mangala LS, Marini J, Zhao H, Wahlig S, Armaiz-Pena G, Jiang D, Achreja A, Win J, Roopaimoole R, Rodriguez-Aguayo C, Mercado-Uribe I, Lopez-Berestein G, Liu J, Tsukamoto T, Sood AK, Ram PT, Nagrath D; ''Metabolic shifts toward glutamine regulate tumor growth, invasion and bioenergetics in ovarian cancer.''; Mol Syst Biol, 2014 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
D-GlutamineMetaboliteHMDB03423 (HMDB)
EGFRGeneProduct1956 (Entrez Gene)
ERK1GeneProduct5595 (Entrez Gene)
ERK2GeneProduct5594 (Entrez Gene)
GlucoseMetaboliteHMDB00122 (HMDB)
JAK1GeneProduct3716 (Entrez Gene)
LactateMetaboliteHMDB00190 (HMDB)
PyruvateMetaboliteHMDB00243 (HMDB)
STAT3GeneProduct6774 (Entrez Gene)
TCA CyclePathwayWP78 (WikiPathways)

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