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Hands-on Exercises for CPTAC

Here are a few diverse options for how you can work with WikiPathways to enhance CPTAC research. Choose any of the following adventures...

1. Selecting Cancer Hallmark Pathways

Become a biocurator and lend your expertise and knowledge to improve the collection of Cancer Hallmark Pathways in the CPTAC Portal.

2. Authoring Pathway Models

Become an author of your own pathway or help improve existing pathway content. Learn how to interpret and create pathway models via our step-by-step learning program called WikiPathways Academy.

3. Data Visualization with Cytoscape

Become a data viz guru by learning the ins and outs of the most powerful network visualization tool, Cytoscape. There are a ton of online tutorials to get you started.

4. WikiPathways and Cytoscape Automation

Become adapt at integrating pathway and network analysis into your bioinformatic workflows using R. We have easy-to-use R packages for each. Check out the vignettes.