Pathways in clear cell renal cell carcinoma (Homo sapiens)

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DEPTOR MLST8 MTOR RPTOR AKT1S1 Malfunction of epigenetic machinery Legend glucose AMPK P STAT3 HK3 Glycolysis HK1 HK2 GPI PFKL PFKP PFKM ALDOA ALDOB ALDOC TPI1 GAPDH PGK1 PGK2 PGM1 PGM2 ENO1 ENO2 ENO3 PHGDH PSAT1 PSPH SHMT1 SHMT2 SDS SDSL PKLR LDHA LDHB LDHD LDHC PKM FASN Fatty Acid Synthesis ACLY MDH1 ME1 ACACA ACACB EGFR GLUT1 VEGFA PDGFB TGFB1 TGFB2 TGFB3 PKM2 PDGFRA FLT1 Angiogenesis PDGFRB KDR Protein Translation Cell migration and invasion KCNJ2 EFCAB3 ENPP3 Cell proliferation CAMK1 BHLHE41 CDH13 CEP290 KSR1 PGBD5 PLOD2 SSPN RAPGEF5 ZEB1 TOX2 AKT1 SQSTM1 TSC1 TSC2 p300 CBP Me GRB10 PI3K Me MIR21 RTKs PTEN RHEB VHL HIF1A HIF1B p300 CBP PBRM1 BAP1 SETD2 KDM5C Ub H2 H3 Me Me H3 H2 Activation of PI3K-mTOR pathway HIF1B HIF1A HIF1A HIF1B Ub HIF1A HIF1A Activating mutation Inactivating mutation Proteasome degradation Nucleus Name: Pathways in clear cell renal cell carcinoma Organism: Homo sapiens


Inactivation of VHL due to mutation or DNA methylation is an early event in ccRCC that leads to accumulation of the transcription factor HIF-α, which dimerizes with HIF-β and translocates to the nucleus. The resulting HIF-α–HIF-β-induced upregulation of downstream genes promotes cell proliferation, glucose uptake, glycolysis, and angiogenesis.

Mutations in chromatin remodellers and histone modifiers including PBRM1, SETD2, BAP1 and KDM5C lead to global abnormal gene expression patterns, and deficiency in DNA repair, which contributes to genomic instability.

Activation of PI3K–mTOR signalling promotes cell proliferation and tumour aggression, and increases translation of HIF-α, leading to enhanced HIF-α-mediated gene expression. The proposed development pattern of ccRCC is based on tumour evolution analyses and current understanding of genomic variation.

Description adapted from "Precision medicine from the renal cancer genome", Riazalhosseini and Lathrop.

Additional sources of information: mTORC1 complex is based on Wikipedia ( PDGFB and TGFB as targets of HIF1A based on KEGG (

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Cell proliferationPathway
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glucoseMetaboliteCHEBI:17234 (ChEBI)
p300GeneProductENSG00000100393 (Ensembl)

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