MFAP5-mediated ovarian cancer cell motility and invasiveness (Homo sapiens)

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Troponin C Calcium selective/non-selective cation channel Increase cell motility Activated JUN forms transcription complex with cofactor Increase traction force Troponin C interacts with F-actin Transcription of Troponin C Ovarian Cancer Cell Extracellular calcium source Cofactor P JUN Troponin C P CREB1 IP3 MFAP5 TNNC1 RYR3 DAG PLCG1 PIP2 FAK PRKCQ ITPR3 Ca2+ Ca2+ Ca2+ Ca2+ Ca2+ ERK2 ERK1 ITGB3 ITGAV Cancer-associated stromal fibroblasts (CAFs) Ca2+ Ca2+ Ca2+ ER Increased cytoplasmic Ca2+ concentration P FAK P PRKCQ P PLCG1 Cofactor P CREB1 Transcription of Jun CREB1 P ERK2 P ERK1 JUN Name: MFAP5-mediated ovarian cancer cell motility and invasiveness Organism: Homo sapiens


A graphical summary of the molecular signalling events involved in MFAP5-mediated ovarian cancer cell motility and invasiveness.

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  1. Leung CS, Yeung TL, Yip KP, Pradeep S, Balasubramanian L, Liu J, Wong KK, Mangala LS, Armaiz-Pena GN, Lopez-Berestein G, Sood AK, Birrer MJ, Mok SC; ''Calcium-dependent FAK/CREB/TNNC1 signalling mediates the effect of stromal MFAP5 on ovarian cancer metastatic potential.''; Nat Commun, 2014 PubMed


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CREB1GeneProductENSG00000118260 (Ensembl)
Ca2+MetaboliteHMDB00464 (HMDB)
DAGMetaboliteHMDB07098 (HMDB)
ERK1GeneProductENSG00000102882 (Ensembl)
ERK2GeneProductENSG00000100030 (Ensembl)
FAKGeneProductENSG00000169398 (Ensembl)
IP3Metabolite85166-31-0 (CAS)
ITGAVGeneProductENSG00000138448 (Ensembl)
ITGB3GeneProductENSG00000259207 (Ensembl)
ITPR3GeneProductENSG00000096433 (Ensembl)
JUNGeneProductENSG00000177606 (Ensembl)
MFAP5GeneProductENSG00000197614 (Ensembl)
PIP2Metabolite245126-95-8 (CAS)
PLCG1GeneProductENSG00000124181 (Ensembl)
PRKCQGeneProductENSG00000065675 (Ensembl)
RYR3GeneProductENSG00000198838 (Ensembl)
TNNC1GeneProductENSG00000114854 (Ensembl)
Troponin CGeneProductENSG00000114854 (Ensembl)

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