Selenium Metabolism and Selenoproteins (Homo sapiens)

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SeC SBP2 Phosphoseryl-tRNA[ser](sec) Seryl-tRNA[ser](sec) Sec tRNA[ser]sec Selenocysteyl-tRNA sec Diet methyl transferase demethylation coding region AUG STOP nucleus Selenoproteins Se = Selenium, SeMet = SelenoMethionine, SeC = Selcysteine, H2Se = Selenide, GSH = gluthatione, Trx = Thioredoxin GSH Body proteins TrX SeC Biosynthesis SeC INORGANIC Se Selenite Selenate ORGANIC Se SeMet SeC Transcription Factors Sp1 Sp3 JUN Pouf2f1 Nfe2l2 NFKB-p105 CREM FOS NFKB-p65 Antioxidant enzymes GPX1 GPX2 GPX4 SepW GPX3 GPX6 SelK SepX1 Redox signalling TXNRD1 TXNRD2 TXNRD3 Thyroid hormone metabolism DIO1 DIO2 DIO3 Sec synthesis SPS2 Se transport and storage SEPP1 Protein folding Sep15 SelM SEPN1 SelS Unkown function SelH SelI SelO SelT SelV Selenium binding proteins Selenbp1 Fabp1 Pstk Cystathionine g-lyase Scly UGA eEFSec Sla Rpl30 SBP2 Hydrogen selenide Selenophosphate MethylSelenol MeSeH SeC SeMet TXNRD3 TXNRD2 TXNRD1 Selenate Selenite Sephs1 Sephs2 Sars2 Sars SBP2 eEFSec Secp43 Name: Selenium Metabolism and Selenoproteins License: CC BY 2.0 Last Modified: 10/16/2013 Organism: Homo sapiens


  • Comments belonging to specific genes on the Selenoprotein pathway
    • TRXND3 gene: Although the geneID is correct, the sequence of this gene was guessed by analogy.
    • Cystathionine gamma-lyase is the mammalian form of bacterial methionine gamma-lyase
    • A selenoprotein database exists at:

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
CREMGeneProductQ03060 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Cystathionine g-lyaseGeneProductNP_001893 (RefSeq)
DIO1GeneProduct1733 (Entrez Gene)
DIO2GeneProduct1734 (Entrez Gene)
DIO3GeneProduct1735 (Entrez Gene)
FOSGeneProductENSG00000170345 (Ensembl)
Fabp1GeneProduct2168 (Entrez Gene)
GPX1GeneProduct2876 (Entrez Gene)
GPX2GeneProduct2877 (Entrez Gene)
GPX3GeneProduct2878 (Entrez Gene)
GPX4GeneProduct2879 (Entrez Gene)
GPX6GeneProduct257202 (Entrez Gene)
Hydrogen selenideMetaboliteHMDB11110 (HMDB)
JUNGeneProductENSG00000177606 (Ensembl)
MethylSelenol MeSeHMetabolite389633 (Chemspider)
NFKB-p105GeneProduct4790 (Entrez Gene)
NFKB-p65GeneProduct5970 (Entrez Gene)
Nfe2l2GeneProductNM_006164 (RefSeq)
Pouf2f1GeneProductP14859 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
PstkGeneProductQ8IV42 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Rpl30GeneProduct6156 (Entrez Gene)
SBP2GeneProductQ96T21 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SEPN1GeneProduct57190 (Entrez Gene)
SEPP1GeneProduct6414 (Entrez Gene)
SPS2GeneProduct22928 (Entrez Gene)
Sars2GeneProduct54938 (Entrez Gene)
SarsGeneProductP49591 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SclyGeneProduct51540 (Entrez Gene)
SeCMetaboliteHMDB03288 (HMDB)
SeMetMetaboliteHMDB03966 (HMDB)
Secp43GeneProduct54952 (Entrez Gene)
SelHGeneProduct280636 (Entrez Gene)
SelIGeneProduct85465 (Entrez Gene)
SelKGeneProduct58515 (Entrez Gene)
SelMGeneProduct140606 (Entrez Gene)
SelOGeneProduct83642 (Entrez Gene)
SelSGeneProduct55829 (Entrez Gene)
SelTGeneProduct51714 (Entrez Gene)
SelVGeneProduct348303 (Entrez Gene)
SelenateMetabolite24657 (Chemspider)
Selenbp1GeneProduct8991 (Entrez Gene)
SeleniteMetaboliteHMDB11119 (HMDB)
SelenophosphateMetaboliteHMDB06407 (HMDB)
Sep15GeneProductO60613 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
SepWGeneProduct6415 (Entrez Gene)
SepX1GeneProduct51734 (Entrez Gene)
Sephs1GeneProductP49903 (Uniprot-TrEMBL)
Sephs2GeneProductNP_036380 (RefSeq)
SlaGeneProduct51091 (Entrez Gene)
Sp1GeneProductNP_612482 (RefSeq)
Sp3GeneProduct6670 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD1GeneProduct7296 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD2GeneProduct10587 (Entrez Gene)
TXNRD3GeneProduct114112 (Entrez Gene)
eEFSecGeneProduct60678 (Entrez Gene)

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