Common Pathways Underlying Drug Addiction (Homo sapiens)

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Nucleus Dopamine Glutamate MAPK Signaling pathway Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction DRD4 DRD1 DRD2 Gs Ca++ CaM CAMK2A Strong depolarization Inhibitor-1 cAMP CREB1 Regulation of actin skeleton CAMK4 Gonadotropins gene expression & secretion ADCY1 Connexin 32 Regulation of Gap junction GnRH Signal Pathway Long term potentiation MEK1 MEK2 ERK1 ERK2 ACTB ACTG1 ACTG2 Actin ADCY1 ADCY8 GRIA1 GRIA2 GRIA3 GRIA4 AMPA receptor GRIN1 GRIN2A NMDA receptor GRM1 GRM5 mGluR PRKCA PRKCB PRKCG PRKACG PRKACA PRKACB Gi CAMK2A GRIN1 GRIN2A PPP1CA PPP1CB PPP1CC PRKACG PRKACA PRKACB RAF1 ARAF ARAF RAP1B RAP1A Name: Common Pathways Underlying Drug Addiction Organism: Homo sapiens


The pathway was modeled after Figure 2 in Li, et al. 2008 and is based on the common pathways identified in their study as well as protein interaction data. Specifically, glutamate and dopamine neuroactive ligand-receptor interactions trigger long-term potentiation, MAPK and GnRH signaling and gap junction regulation (green outlined pathway nodes). Related functional modules such as depolarization, gene expression and cytoskeleton regulation are also indicated (non-outlined pathway nodes). Among the several positive feedback loops identified in this pathway, the authors highlighted fast and slow ones in red and blue, respectively.

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  1. Li CY, Mao X, Wei L; ''Genes and (common) pathways underlying drug addiction.''; PLoS Comput Biol, 2008 PubMed


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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
ACTBGeneProductENSG00000075624 (Ensembl)
ACTG1GeneProductENSG00000184009 (Ensembl)
ACTG2GeneProductENSG00000163017 (Ensembl)
ADCY1GeneProductENSG00000164742 (Ensembl)
ADCY8GeneProductENSG00000155897 (Ensembl)
ARAFGeneProductENSG00000078061 (Ensembl)
CAMK2AGeneProductENSG00000070808 (Ensembl)
CAMK4GeneProductENSG00000152495 (Ensembl)
CREB1GeneProductENSG00000118260 (Ensembl)
Ca++Metabolite266 (Chemspider)
CaMGeneProductENSG00000198668 (Ensembl)
Connexin 32GeneProductENSG00000169562 (Ensembl)
DRD1GeneProductENSG00000184845 (Ensembl)
DRD2GeneProductENSG00000149295 (Ensembl)
DRD4GeneProductENSG00000069696 (Ensembl)
DopamineMetabolite661 (Chemspider)
ERK1GeneProductENSG00000102882 (Ensembl)
ERK2GeneProductENSG00000100030 (Ensembl)
GRIA1GeneProductENSG00000155511 (Ensembl)
GRIA2GeneProductENSG00000120251 (Ensembl)
GRIA3GeneProductENSG00000125675 (Ensembl)
GRIA4GeneProductENSG00000152578 (Ensembl)
GRIN1GeneProductENSG00000176884 (Ensembl)
GRIN2AGeneProductENSG00000183454 (Ensembl)
GRM1GeneProductENSG00000152822 (Ensembl)
GRM5GeneProductENSG00000168959 (Ensembl)
GiGeneProductENSG00000127955 (Ensembl)
GlutamateMetaboliteQ181136 (Wikidata)
GnRH Signal PathwayPathwayhsa04912 (KEGG Pathway)
Gonadotropins gene expression & secretionPathway
GsGeneProductENSG00000087460 (Ensembl)
Inhibitor-1GeneProductENSG00000135447 (Ensembl)
Long term potentiationPathwayhsa04720 (KEGG Pathway)
MAPK Signaling pathwayPathwayhsa04010 (KEGG Pathway)
MEK1GeneProductENSG00000169032 (Ensembl)
MEK2GeneProductENSG00000126934 (Ensembl)
Neuroactive ligand-receptor interactionPathway
PPP1CAGeneProductENSG00000172531 (Ensembl)
PPP1CBGeneProductENSG00000213639 (Ensembl)
PPP1CCGeneProductENSG00000186298 (Ensembl)
PRKACAGeneProductENSG00000072062 (Ensembl)
PRKACBGeneProductENSG00000142875 (Ensembl)
PRKACGGeneProductENSG00000165059 (Ensembl)
PRKCAGeneProductENSG00000154229 (Ensembl)
PRKCBGeneProductENSG00000166501 (Ensembl)
PRKCGGeneProductENSG00000126583 (Ensembl)
RAF1GeneProductENSG00000132155 (Ensembl)
RAP1AGeneProductENSG00000116473 (Ensembl)
RAP1BGeneProductENSG00000127314 (Ensembl)
Regulation of Gap junctionPathway
Regulation of actin skeletonPathwayhsa04810 (KEGG Pathway)
Strong depolarizationPathway
cAMP Metabolite5851 (Chemspider)

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