Effects of Nitric Oxide (Homo sapiens)

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Hypoxia Increased mitochondrial efficiency reduced risk of carciovascular disease cGMP signalling Vasodilation anti-inflammatory effects NOS family NOS3 (endothelial) NOS1 (neuronal) NOS2 (inducible) Increased risk of carcinogenesis NOS Family formation of nitrosilating species Nitric oxide AOX1 deoxy-hemoglobin deoxy-myoglobin Nitrate COX1 Citrulline VItamin C Nitrite XDH L-Arginine Oxygen Diet Name: Effects of Nitric Oxide Last Modified: 2/22/2013 Organism: Homo sapiens


NO (Nitric oxide) is an important signalling molecule with vasodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects, indicating a postive role in reducing hypertension and cardiovascular disease. At the same time, NO is also associated with health risks such as increased risk in carcinogenesis, and hypoxia in infants. It has been suggested that NO can also increase mitochondrial efficiency. NO can be formed from L-Arginine through the classic Arginine-NO-Synthase pathway, or it can be formed directly from dietary nitrite by deoxiginated globins.

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External references


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NameTypeDatabase referenceComment
AOX1ProteinENSG00000138356 (Ensembl)
COX1GeneProduct4512 (Entrez Gene)
CitrullineMetaboliteHMDB00904 (HMDB)
L-ArginineMetaboliteHMDB00517 (HMDB)
NOS1 (neuronal)GeneProduct4842 (Entrez Gene)
NOS2 (inducible)GeneProduct4843 (Entrez Gene)
NOS3 (endothelial)GeneProduct4846 (Entrez Gene)
NitrateMetaboliteHMDB02878 (HMDB)
Nitric oxideMetaboliteHMDB03378 (HMDB)
NitriteMetaboliteHMDB02786 (HMDB)
OxygenMetaboliteHMDB01377 (HMDB)
VItamin CMetaboliteHMDB00044 (HMDB)
XDHGeneProductENSG00000158125 (Ensembl)
deoxy-hemoglobinGeneProductENSG00000206172 (Ensembl)
deoxy-myoglobinGeneProduct4151 (Entrez Gene)

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