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WikiPathways allows you to temporarily hide a pathway from public view. This can be useful for working on draft pathways or unpublished data.

How does it work?

You can prevent other users from being able to view or edit a pathway:
  • When creating a new pathway: check the Make pathway private box on the Create Pathway page.
  • On an existing pathway: press the Permissions tab, select the Private access level and press the Apply button.

If the permissions tab is not available, you may not be allowed to change the permissions of the pathway. See the rules section below for an explanation.

Note that the recommended work flow is to assign a pathway as private to a new pathway when it is created, as opposed to an existing complete or nearly complete pathway.

The permissions page

On the permissions page, you can control which users can access your pathway. To go to the permissions page, press the Permissions tab on top of the pathway page. You can choose between two access levels for the pathway:

  • Public: The pathway can be viewed by anyone and can be edited by all users that are logged in to WikiPathways.
  • Private: The pathway can only be accessed by the users specified in the text box. Only these users can view and edit the pathway.


To ensure that WikiPathways remains an open and publicly available resource, permission settings for pathways with the private access level expire after 1 month. The expiration date will be displayed on the permissions page, and after this date the access level of the pathway will be reset to public. If you want to keep the pathway private for a longer period (e.g. in case you are still waiting for the information to be published), you can reset the expiration date by re-applying the settings. To do this, go to the Permissions page, select the Private access level and press the Apply button. The expiration date will then be reset to a month after the current date.


  • You can only set the access level to private while you are the only contributor to the pathway
  • Users that contributed to the pathway can not be excluded from viewing or editing the pathway

Exceptions Site administrators (users that belong to the group 'sysops'):

  • Have access to all pathways
  • Can change permissions on all pathways

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